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Teaching Methodology

During my many years of teaching experience, I followed certain teaching methods which corresponded to the best learning ability of the students, always following the technological developments as well as their needs. The teaching methods are varied and depend on many factors such as the nature of the course as well as the cognitive background of the students.

Direct teaching, which is the most traditional teaching method, is followed in several courses. In this way, the direct contact with the students gives a more personal character to the course and creates bonds between the students and with me. Lectures and assignments are usually given through presentations and bibliographic material. Students can answer their questions immediately

Lectures are usually interactive, especially during direct instruction in several subjects. Students have a direct role in the lecture of the course, listing their knowledge and thinking during each lecture, thus having a discussion between themselves and between us. It is a way that frees students from the apathetic attendance many times and makes them actively participate in something that also arouses their interest in this course.

During interactive teaching, there are many times when, through my carefully designed questions, students enter the process of reflecting and thinking. They are given the opportunity to unfold their thoughts and delve deeper into the subject

In this context of teaching there are many times when students have questions. I encourage questions that are answered by the students themselves and we end up with great discussions. In this way, the students discuss with each other, often expressing different views, which, depending on the topic, they also discuss outside of class. At the end of the course there are usually questions that are assigned to them for research through bibliographic material and of course current technologies (internet). Learning through research expands their minds, teaching them how to perform proper research on their own but also provides them with more knowledge since the sources and information are many.

Especially in the last two years the teaching conditions have changed due to the situations. In this way, online teaching was adopted. We, the teachers as well as the students, all adapt to these changes. PowerPoint presentations and other formats are now commonplace. Students and teachers connect to the online room, and I give the lecture presenting electronic material. During the lecture, videos are presented which relate to examples and practices of the topic under discussion.

Online lessons are done in two ways. Either in each lecture the students first read and study the material that has already been uploaded on the platform that each University supports and then in our online meeting we discuss the course having they also immersed and having an opinion about each course or done by me the presentation of the material.

One method I often use is collaboration between students. Leaving them alone to form groups at times of a few people and many others, I assign tasks that need to be explored and consist of many strands to cover many aspects of the same subject. It is important that they learn to work together, which of course is necessary for their subsequent career. Through these groups they learn how to discuss in order to organize their project, to exchange implementation ideas, to reconcile with other prevailing views and to have common goals, ie the delivery of a good job carefully structured and thoroughly developed.

Online gaming is a technique I have applied. Sustainability lessons, for example, can be done through computer games. Students have fun and are more interested in bringing more people closer to

something very familiar to them and to their daily lives. This is a method that can only be used in specific courses for this, and I have used it rarely.

Finally, I attach great importance to students who have learning difficulties and need facilities. In this way, many times, depending on the case, of course, a student can be given another book for study that is adapted to his difficulties, to be given a longer delivery time or a longer time frame in the final exams. The different ways in these cases vary depending on how the student can respond more constructively for his own convenience and the best possible result

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